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The "Eat-Lift-Sleep-Repeat" Sweat Resistant - Antimicrobial - Workout Face Masks

The "Eat-Lift-Sleep-Repeat" Sweat Resistant - Antimicrobial - Workout Face Masks

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The "EAT-LIFT-SLEEP-REPEAT" Face Masks Are Perfect For Working Out.

Our sweat resistant face masks prevents sweat from soaking into mask. Can easily shake any excess moister right off the mask and continue to workout.
Soft cloth ear loops, not the rough elastic or rubber bands. No more scrunching your nose and face. Easy to put on. Soft, stretchy and extremely comfortable to wear ALL DAY.

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Nano Silver water resistant technology
High quality
Soft & comfortable
Reusable up-to 30 washes
35% cotton & 65% polyester
One size fits most, approximately 11 x 5.5 inches, mask itself approximately 7 x 5.5 inches
NOT intended for medical use
FOR public use